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Originally Posted by Smoke Eater 3 View Post
I'm very skeptical of any dealer's "review" of anything because they want to sell them to you. I'll wait for a real world review by one of the inmates.

As far as I know, more silica would mean faster wear - better traction in the wet but they should wear out faster because of it. My full rains that are loaded with silica basically vaporize in the dry. Also, the tread pattern might clear mud but it looks like the front end would slip sideways due to a lack of lateral traction in the muck. Just my 2 cents.
Hey Smoke Eater, that's a valid concern and one I can certainly understand. That's why I got a real world inmate to help with this review

I'll tell it like it is - no tire is going to be the best at everything, I think most riders understand that. This tire is not going to be the best for muddy sloppy conditions or any kind of extreme off-road riding. Where it will shine is for the rider who is looking for a tire that will spend the majority of its time on-road, but can hold its own off-road.

And I've had just about the opposite experience with Silica in the compound. I ran the Pirelli Angel ST's on my street bike and was very impressed with the tire life and the grip offered when compared to the Diablo Stradas they replaced. Of course that's just going by personal experience, I'm not a scientist.
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