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Originally Posted by JDowns View Post
When you're on a multi-month trip with no destination, sometimes it's nice to kick back and relax for a day and do nothing. I've been doing a lot of that lately. Nothing wrong with that.
It's a rare thing to find a "real" traveler like yourself John. In my 7 years wandering Latin America I did things similar. I'd take breaks in places I considered little Garden's of Eden and spend time. Being on the road is tough, frequent breaks are good. So many blast through ... in fact about 90% of reports on ADV are that way.

Great work on the ever changing Spanish terms. I first noticed it with fruit and vegetables and vulgarisms. These terms change several times from Mex. to Argentina.
Originally Posted by JDowns View Post
Instead of Alto for stop, they use the word
Pare (PAH-ray).

I remember Pare being used in parts of Cent. America. (I lived in Guatemala for two years)

Regular gas is called corriente (core-ee-EN-tay).

Plato tipico is called plato corriente (PLAH-toh core-ee-EN-tay) for the regular dish of the day.

I've also seen: Comida Corriente, plato del dia, comida corrida.

money is referred to as plata instead of dinero. This actually started in Panama.
And you know CASH is "effectivo"? Good to know when dealing with banks
or money changers.

tinto (TEEN-toe) is black coffee.
In Argentina Tinto is red wine. Coffee is just Cafe ... but that means Espresso. (or Cafecito) Cappucino is "Cafe Cortado" (literally, Cut Coffee)

Perico (pear-EE-co) is cafe con leche or coffee with milk.
In parts of Mexico "perico" is code for Cocaina or speed. (sing like a bird)

The Spanish dialect in Colombia varies from the coast to the cities to the mountains. As does everything else.
Spanish experts claim educated Colombians speak the purest Spanish outside of Spain .. and the best in Latin America. I agree. Mexico City residents also speak a very good Spanish ... but Mexico is so big ... once outside of D.F accents go crazy. Learning slang, colloquial and idiomatic phrases takes time and close listening. Mexico is loaded with them ... and Argentina is hilarious as well and I'm sure Colombia has their own jewels.

Also note the various slang expressions for "copulate". Pisar (verb, to step down or step on) is an interesting one. Chingar is, I believe, uniquely Mexican. Portenos have a million of them as well, one is Fifar.

A bus in Cuba is a Wa Wa. A Wa Wa in much of Latin America is a Baby.
Some really funny mix ups can happen from time to time.
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