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Here are some photos from the bowels of LAMEco Racing. Astute readers will note the absence of an engine in the TT500 (aka The Blue Nun!). We fired her up yesterday & it smoked pretty bad. So, out comes the engine for a quick tear down. The cylinder was full of oil. Two reasons. The rings had never seated & the valves were muy malo. The intake valve was tuliped. Now I've seen many an exhaust valve tuliped by heat but an intake? Must have been made in the Lowlands. This brings up a point that we at LAMEco learned the hard way. To state that our government is out of control is to berate the obvious. A few years ago the puke faces in the EPA required all of our motor oil mfgs. to eliminate zinc & phosphorus from our oil. Well, this is the stuff that makes an engine break in! Oil rings seat, etc. Consequently, if you don't use break in oil you're screwed. Also, take a look at the camshaft & you can see broken metal around the pin hole. Now folks at LAMEco maybe 1/2 assed but even we know that if you can see a defect or feel it with your fingernail you're screwed!! We will be installing a new cam. The piston is fine. We will re-ring it, hone the wall & use break in oil after assembly. The good folks at at R/D Spring in Hesperia are making us a new set of stainless steel valves. Additional note: Unpaid LAMEco staff & photo guru put these pics together & I'm too lame (being the flounder of LAMEco) to figure out how to put comments between the photos. So, take a look & if you have any questions just ask! One comment for our friends up in Oregon at OSR who have entered a 70 something CB550 in the Mexican1000. Luke, take a look at the cafe racer we built from one! Look at how vulnerable your points cover on the right is. Make it bullet proof Buddy!

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