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I had a 990 Adventure for a few years, rode it places I shouldn't have. At foolhardy speeds. It spit me off a few times, not too expensively for either of us. As i got more familiar with it, I pushed it harder offroad.
I have to agree with the above posters on both sides of the argument. Big ADV bikes can go a lot of places- it's largely dependent on the rider, though. Is it a small flickable dirt bike like a YZ 250? Hell no. Is it big and full of dangerous kinetic energy, on or off-road? Hell yes.
I sold my 990 because I'm 55 and my motocross racing is a long ways back. My brain says, "Yah! Go for it!" and my body says "WTF? No way!" I had days when I was a beat behind the big beast, and realized that it was a matter of time before it bit me. You can't run 70-90mph down Forest Circus roads indefinitely without incident.
Bottom line, I think, it's more Indian than arrow. A good rider can flog a big bike across all kinds of terrain.

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