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If you really think you can get a zx10 the same places a gsa or ktm adv bike will go you are crazy. They are not dirtbikes, i dont think anyone here will argue that a GSA will keep up with a dirtbike through whoops or anything like that...but you can most certaintly get through the whoops with no issues on a GSA. You can climb hills like a dirtbike but not as quickly and you will need to be a little more prudent with line choice. But to say a zx10 is just as capable as a GSA is naive

I didn't say a ZX was just as capable. My point was the G/S was such a NON dirt bike, that it wouldn't be much more difficult to get a ZX-10 the same places, it's 100 lbs lighter. Also, I pointed out, that an old S90 Honda could get to the same places. You G/S guys get all bunched up about this shit, but it's absolutely true. A G/S is a good street bike. But a bad dirt bike. Same as a ZX-10. Or a step through 90. Or a CB350. You can make any of those go plenty of places, but not comfortably, and certainly not anywhere near as fast a real dirt bike, but with plenty more danger.

One thing I'm not is naive. I'd be willing to bet I could get as many places on a Honda 90 or ZX-10 as most people could get on their G/S. Remember, not everyone is a Dakar rider, in fact, very, very few even take theirs off the road,
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