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People focus waaay too much on learning relatively small cultural differences.

If you use your sense of observation and common sense, you will pick up on what is happening and it's not that big of a deal anywhere. Just follow the crowd if you are not sure. Or ask if you are unsure.

And secondly, foreigners are not some stupid monkeys who don't comprehend your ways and want to punish you for your cultural affronts.

Those people still have normal common sense that tells them that even if you make some faux pas, you're probably doing it because that's how things are done in your country and you don't mean anything by it. In fact, in most places of the world foreigners get a ton of leeway with everything - even when people act like 100% a$$holes by every standard, locals will often discount it as 'foreigner behavior'/'cultural difference' and give you a pass.

It's not that big of a deal. Foreigners are just as understanding as you are.
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