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Originally Posted by Contevita View Post
What happens if he breaks down, what are the plans to rescue him? How's communication between him and "home base"? If there is an encounter with a bear, what are his plans? How's he going to navigate crevasses and cracks?
I asked Sjaak what model R1 he prefers and he answered "a '99 or 2000" because he was so familiar with them. I think he's serviced every part of that model bike by himself over they years in different parts of the world.

He plans on sleeping in the tailer. Not sure if it's totally Polar Bear proof but it seems pretty sturdy being made of laminated lexan over an aluminum frame. Sjaak said he planned on talking more with the locals about bears once in Barrow. I'm sure they'll almost all recommend a firearm which is probably kind of out of the question for Sjaak.

Polar Ice doesn't have crevasses like a glacier but because of constant movement there's a real possibility of pressure ridges that cause the ice to bunch up in a jumbled mess. In some places he may have to zig zag around to find a smoother route.

And if worst comes to worst, he has a satellite phone.

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