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Originally Posted by Randy View Post
Well, I don't like to put anyone's "thang" down, and I know there are different tastes and priorities when it comes to bikes. But, this forum tends to have more "real riders" than some of the more H-D specific places I've experienced. Not that there aren't real riders there too, but the ratio is much higher here, in my experience. For example, here we are, talking about modifying our low bikes to improve cornering clearance, and I couldn't count the number of times I've read about people LOWERING Nighsters, 72's and 48's over on xlforum. I just don't get it. Seems to be a good bunch over there too, but just of a different mindset I guess. Function seems to take a backseat to form in other places. Here, for the most part, function trumps form.

Welcome to Advrider, btw!

most all of the bikes over there look awesome, but I need functional transportation lol. I have the typical "bar hopper" sitting in the garage- there is a reason it lost it's slot as the day to day ride. I wonder if other makes have the same issues with "fashion police" ?
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