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Sorry that I keep bringing up the topic: You know... BMW R1200GS 2013...

Seems that the reviews that pile up have improved the percentage of people that haven't noticed the vibration (to tank slapping) alleged issue to those who did.
Good thing. I am sure, after Morocco presentation we'll have more data.

I want to bring up something else though... I wonder if Ash's death is related to the recall. I mean... oil on the wheels can get you killed even going straight. Far fetched? Possibly. Leaving us in the dark though, doesn't help.

(it is a fixed issue though if this makes you feel better)

Anybody know who was the second rider that seems to have hit Kevin's dropped GS?
Maybe he has published more data about the incident?

EDIT: I tried to find updated info. I read two contradicting reports. First says that Kevin being third in the convoy, hit the dropped bike of the second in convoy, who had a dislocated shoulder and broken finger or something. The fourth in the convoy was the first to try to help. Second report is that Kevin dropped the bike (common in a launch btw... on road or off road), got up and the following rider hit him... Completely contradicting, yet both don't seem to directly relate to any bike (alleged) shortcomings. (*)

(*) One guy commented on the second report (where I found it) that this proves that GS is just a big tourer. OK man you are clueless (I was tempted to register there just to post that). Not because GS is or isn't capable off-road, but because a bike drop on an off-road course is not uncommon with ANY kind and even pure off-road bikes. It is usually part of the fun.
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