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Originally Posted by ChromeSux View Post
The op should take it and go with it and never have a second thought, it may be funny to read what dirtydeeds said but like ole 10 Bears said in the movie The outlaw Josey Wales, your word carries iron.
In all honesty, my first thought was to tell him to get a 690 as well. My "go to" bike is a 640adv. It's a great machine. Just picked up sn SMT for street stuff. I've ridden a couple KLRs. The only way I would own one is if I were in school, flat broke and needed something ugly to smash beer bottles on and it was a great deal. (Apologies to the KLR faithful...)

I also remember being in school, working nights to pay bills and thinking that I wish I could afford a newer bike. I rolled into "P" parking lot on a smoking :), crashed and bent, leaky fork seal RZ350 with bald tires. It was a fun bike, it was what I could afford and I have some great memories. I remember it got much worse mileage than the Chevette that I drove in winter.

Sounds like the OP has some cash kicking around being that he's working in a trade. Schooling is typically a couple/3 months at a time. Easy to get through that amount of time. Another vote for the 690!

If you want a DRZ, go get one. The worst that happens is that you decide to sell it after a season.
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