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Originally Posted by MN_Smurf View Post
I think that battle stat is a little misleading in this case, because you took several shots in that match at targets whose remaining hit points were well below your average shell damage (what I like to call mercy killings), while my shots were able to do full damage just about every time.
mercy killings

Oh wait, was that the battle where I got the first kill of the game when I one-shotted their scout T-50 who tried to speed past us? Yeah, I'd guess he had a bit under 800-some hit points total compared to the T30's capable damage-per-shot, lol. I forgot I did that... it probably makes me seem an even worse player though because it seems like I got more XP than you off of 'mercy killings' alone. Maybe I did spotting damage - I'm not sure if I have that screen shotted.


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