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I sat on some bikes yesterday: Super Ten, Ural Hacks, Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX and MG Griso. The Griso reminded me of my MegaMoto, but it was lower and a the seating position was a bit more "sporty". The Stelvio reminded me of a GS, but an inch lower. It was pretty comfortable and I loved the giant headers coming out of that engine. I didn't care much for the front end (headlight design). The S10 was ok, but i just couldn't connect with it. Lastly, the Ural. Wow! I never wanted a funkier machine in my life! Sitting on it was similar to sitting on an atv or lawn tractor. It just seemed so utilitarian. Simple, yet beautiful.

So my pick for today? The Ural. Tomorrow? Probably one of the two Italian beauties (well, maybe the Stelvio is a beast).
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