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Originally Posted by Africa_Twin View Post
Uh oh!! You might want to re-check that VIN... take a look at this...

Maybe you mis-typed the number after the M... it should be a "3" instead of a "6".

Assuming the "3" is correct then this is a 98 AT first sold in Spain on 31 October 1997 (warranty start date). The Model is a 1998 (W VIN) and the original Engine Number is RD04E 2800039.
This bike arrived at Montesa Honda on 06 October 1997 and was invoiced to the selling Dealer on 24 of October 1997.

This goes correctly along with what I said above, in this case, the 1998 YM started selling on late 1997... common practice for Honda. Probably, there were dealers who still had some 1997YM bikes to sell but the customer wanted the new YM... this one was originally black (NH1 colour code - look for a sticker on the frame under the seat).

Now, if you insist the number after the M is a "6" (or any other number for that matter) you have a problem... all W VIN'ed ATs start their sequential manufacturing number (the last 6 digits of the VIN) with a "3"...

So check this carefully and also check your engine number...

Não precisas agradecer...
You're absolutely right, it's a 3 not a 6. I had been looking at grainy mobile phone picture but now I'm looking at the bike papers. Thanks for sorting that out for me!

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