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15,000 miles a year is nothing for a lot of bikes.
You hear about abused dr650's getting 80,000+ without motor work.
Some bikes have weak points that you can fix and forget, then they are good.

I think most Japanese bike engines will give long service if the oil is changed when its supposed to be.

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This has been a very interesting thread... Came to life in its own regard with some good advice. Since everyone is dishing out advice I should probably give a little more background. I am 23 and will be finishing up school starting next year, took a bit of time off in the middle eh. I am also a very competent mechanic, and welder, and am currently working as a machinist to diversify the skillset. I am going to school for mechanical engineering if that surprises anyone.

The only reason service intervals are of a concern to me is that I have been putting down 15k+ miles a year since I started riding and mid season engine rebuilds are a real drag. I partial anticipate rebuilding any thumper every winer, or every other winter depending so that isn't a huge concern.

I guess I really just want a bike that excites me and has that soul, if that sounds crazy hahaha. When I got my first bike I was stoked to just be riding, and I rode that poor FZR straight into the ground. I bought the KLR because it was cheap and I wanted to try dual sporting and I fell in love after one short trip. But the KLR is just so fucking blahhhh and the amount of mods I feel that would be required to pep it up could put me on a better bike to begin with.

I guess I just want a bike that I really love to ride.
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