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This has been a very interesting thread... Came to life in its own regard with some good advice. Since everyone is dishing out advice I should probably give a little more background. I am 23 and will be finishing up school starting next year, took a bit of time off in the middle eh. I am also a very competent mechanic, and welder, and am currently working as a machinist to diversify the skillset. I am going to school for mechanical engineering if that surprises anyone.

The only reason service intervals are of a concern to me is that I have been putting down 15k+ miles a year since I started riding and mid season engine rebuilds are a real drag. I partial anticipate rebuilding any thumper every winer, or every other winter depending so that isn't a huge concern.

I guess I really just want a bike that excites me and has that soul, if that sounds crazy hahaha. When I got my first bike I was stoked to just be riding, and I rode that poor FZR straight into the ground. I bought the KLR because it was cheap and I wanted to try dual sporting and I fell in love after one short trip. But the KLR is just so fucking blahhhh and the amount of mods I feel that would be required to pep it up could put me on a better bike to begin with.

I guess I just want a bike that I really love to ride.
Get an Xcountry. If you put a set of marzocchi forks and get the shock reworked or replace it with an aftermarket shock you will have a bike that will run with any ktm on the street and offroad probably be close. Plus on the street it will probably be a more comfortable ride if doing long tarmac trips. The little Beemer really does pretty well and they are getting harder to find now after being so thourghly trashed in the market for limited range, limited watts for electrical gear, funky batteries, but the BMW engineers provided a starting canvas with what the corporate bean counters would allow to finance the project and the buying public would accept as a price for a 650 thumper. I will go out on a limb here and I am not trying to ruffle anybodys feathers but I IMHO think that the X bikes would run circles around any F650 in any kind of off tarnac situation.
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