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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
When I look at the one at the dealer I see a bike that should get 42-48 mpg ridden the way I ride, like a test ride every time I swing a leg over and that's what it returns in many tests that have been published. I know it hurts, but thems the facts.

Somebody tracking mileage at Fuelly has an agenda, to prove excellent mpg's for their chosen steed, it's really simple.

So your facts count in the: "It doesn't do what they say it does" column, but others facts saying: "Yes, it does do this" don't count because they have an agenda to prove something?

Therefore someone who doesn't track their mileage on Fuelly has an agenda to prove their bikes get way shittier mileage than those who get better?


ps I have an NC700X and I get hideous mpg's.

...and it's not a scooter, dammit! *thbbbbt*
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