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Funny thing about the whole color BS. When I bought my S10 the dealer had two coming on the PDP, (I was late to the party), and one spoken for. He knew he had one of each color coming, but couldn't figure out which color was the one already spoken for. He tried to tell me he had 10 people interested in the available bike, all ready to see it and sit on it when it came in. You know, 'serious buyers'

After I explained that I was ready to buy the bike then, and didn't need to see it, sit on it, make vroom, vroom noises and didn't care what color it was, he realized we were negotiating. I got a decent deal, in part because Yamaha was still saying December delivery after the tsunami issues. The day after I did the deal, the dealer got the notification that deliveries would actually happen as originally planned in August.

Bragging about what color bike you have is sort of sad. I'd rather read the ride reports or talk about places the bike took you. Pluric has some great tales to share, if he'd just stop waxing the damn thing.
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