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Originally Posted by pluric View Post
Day 1. Snowed in. Bike is in the garage on a battery tender. Light is solid green so full charge.
Day 2. Still snowed in removed battery tender and put it on KLR.
Day 3. Started bike without touching the throttle. Forgot to open garage door. CO2 detector working. Bad headache.
Day 4. Stacked some more crap on the bike. Now using it to hang wet clothes on to dry from snow shoveling all day.
Day 5. Swapped battery tender back.
Day 6. See day one.

Yup I've got riviting riding tales alright.
Wait a minute, if you shoveled snow all day, why didn't you have a path to the street and go for a ride? The high is above freezing every day this coming 7 days. Not even forecasting for any chance of snow until Sunday.

Think I'll go for a ride. It's sunny and 69F on the thermometer here and I'm in the same state. Maybe you're bike isn't really blue, it's just cold?
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