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Don't Stop---

Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
I'm still trying to work out a happiness index of the cities I've been through....I've narrowed it down to being very activity based. More on that (hopefully) to come.

The most valuable lesson I've extracted from this trip so far involves experiencing an idea I've known--but was a bit suspicious of (sorry Joseph Campbell!)--all along. Our lives can be spent carrying out actions that we hope will lead us to a greater sense of purpose, accomplishment and meaning, but all these are secondary to the need to feel alive. And when we pursue the activities that make us truly feel alive, we discover the places and people and things we always had wished existed--people and places and things that have always been there--waiting patiently for our arrival.
Waiting for our discovery of them.. and ourselves over again.

Now, I have not finished reading of your journey as of it, but I am in process. I got to this passage above and wanted to stop and respond. I am thoroughly enjoying the read, the relating, the pics.. and even the pics of food.. that are making me salivate with envy. I post this at the end (it suppose it might be..but Im not yet finished reading) so that you will find it easier perhaps.

I relate to All of this so much... having been through mental crushings.. and breakthroughs like you AntiHero...just as many of us.

We climb, we fall, and We should always try to get back up again.

I appreciate what you've done here. Several years back I set out to reinvent my life- I had spent my whole life focusing on making the right decisions, when it all failed me in my hopes and dreams, as well as damn near everyone's expectations, I just cut the sentence off to "decide", realizing even a bad decision can make all the difference in the world..producing still a wonderful result. I faced much ridicule for my approach. Some even became presumptuous to say that I "ran away from responsibilities"...or whatever. Yet, that was never the case; Not much was missing my attention- the bills all were paid in full... punctually.

I too once had "The Girl".. or so I thought for a moment, but one day while reflecting back on my life- what I had tried, failed, succeeded....along side the vehicles I had built, nurtured, loved, embraced even for their vicious ways, I concluded: The moment of me was bigger- I had to learn to be me again, but better. I had to be content only with NOW. The past is fading. The future fleeting. Now is all that wants to include me.

I too have moved on to a Ducati 1199 and spend everyday on it, obsessively. It is my only mobility, but a divine species for such things. I spend most days stuck in or around my city..unfortunately. Once though, it was a special car I wandered in... among vehicles that came and went that were also special to me, also among my life-drive of nomadic tendencies.

I have 7800 miles or so on my 1199 at the moment.. still hoping to get-Gone on it.

For now, I don't have much more to say but Id like to compliment you on your decision to wander. embracing the You that felt the need... and perhaps embracing the uncertainty. It never matters where we go.. or how we get there so much. I believe it is the discovery..and the becoming. The reset perhaps; finding what moments want to hold us..and shine with us.

Don't Stop "AntiHero", you are doing a Great job.
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