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Originally Posted by Eddy Alvarez View Post
I rode my F800GS for the first time today. It's a very nice bike and am looking forward to many more rides, but a couple of improvements need to be done sooner than later. Any previous/current 800 owners please chime in or PM to offer opinions/recommendations or fixes.

1. I hate to use the word junk when discussing BMW bikes, but the fork spings are really awful! They compress like a pogo stick! And this is on a relaxed, street only, commute to work! I can't wait to see how they behave on something like Big Levels. New springs are mandatory. Fortunately, this is a "cheap", easily fixable issue and I may be able to buy 1" shorter springs too.
2. $800 heated Sergeant seat is angled slightly forward, and it's smooth so I slide forward into the faux fuel tank. This may be due to the fact that the grips are too far away for my reach and I am leaning a forward a bit. ROX risers will go on to see if this may fix this issue before selling saddle and going custom made from Russell or Mayer.
3. I love the look of the Deisierto 3 fairing! I need to make some adjustments to get that nice pocket of still air. It is adjustable for height and angle. If I can't find a nice pocket of nirvana, I may need to eBay the ($900 new) windsheild and call Aeroflow for half the price!
4. Wow! What crazy throttle response! It's either off or on! It's very touchy! I spoke with Dan Farson (800GS rider who won East Coast GS Trophy Challenge) recommended a 15T front sprocket and a $150 booster plug to make the bike behave much better at 1-15 mph.

Don't get me wrong, I like the bike a lot but think that after these issues are fixed, I will like it much more. The low and mid punch is nice but the top end rush is very fun and peppy for an 800 twin! It feels at least as fast, or faster than the 1200. It could also be that it's 50-75 pounds lighter!

Sorry for the long rant...just looking for other 800 owners comments/experiences/fixes... thanks!
1. The forks do suck. But there are a lot of options as far as springs available as well as inserts. ($$$)
2. The stock 2X4...I mean seat has a textured surface that grips like King Kong. I also have 20mm risers under the bar mounts. They bring the bars up and back but not like some Rox risers would.
3. I have a V-Stream high screen. Works great but I don't have a "pocket of Nirvana." If I were an inch or two shorter, Nirvana would be achieved.
4. The throttle is twitchy and the lower gearing on the sprocket would help a lot, especially off-road. What is this booster plug of which you speak?

As far as that pic of the bent frame: I've had my 800 off the ground higher than I should. Bottomed the rear many times. My front and rear rims show signs of aggressive riding. I have removed the upper shock bolt three times to check, and it is straight as an arrow. I think Best Rest makes a reinforcement part for that issue but I'm not worried about it.
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