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I just got my lrp 2 weeks ago and so far am loving it! After reading all the posts on this thread i found the decision easy. I do have on question though. Right now i am using the bike mainly for my weekly commute to work he in Los Angeles and as my first bike I am concerned with its handling at freeway speeds. When i get it up between 70 n 80 the front of the bike shakes quite bad. To the point its kinda scary. Was wondering if this is a common attribute for a dual sport bike of this size. Other than that i am more than happy with the bike. Can't wait to get up to the mountains and do some trails. :)

if it's only 2 weeks old, it'll be because the tyres havent lost their 'hair' yet, and are unbalanced, mine used to get a nasty vibration at about 80kph, for about a month til the tyres wore in. now, however, its solid as a rock, probly need to check pressures as i havent since i bought the bike (4months and counting).

Time flies on a LRP! have ordered a set of Polisport handguards from the UK (same mob that sells the folding shifter on Ebay), time will tell, however i do have a Hammerhead shifter with a 0+ offset tip here for sale if anyone wants it, doesnt fit the CRF250L so i found out, but it will fit a CRF250R, $50 + shipping if anyone has an R or knows of someone.
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