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Originally Posted by Mac View Post
Is the Montana worth all the hassle and babysitting??
It was for me, but then I don't have a Zumo.

I wanted a do-it-all type GPS for my first foray into a unit that would autoroute with CNNA, which was also brand new to me.....Car, boat, bike, hiking, bicycle, etc. It was a long learning curve, mostly trying to unlearn 18 years of using plain direct routing GPS's like the 76 or Etrex.

After 10 months, it does pretty much exactly what I bought it for. I had only a few issues with the unit itself, easlily fixed. Learning how to make my routes in BaseCamp do exactly what I wanted on the Montana was a much more involved process, but it now works well. Tracks were never a problem and I have gone back to using them much more often in the boonies, with a topo map just like I always did.

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