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Originally Posted by tree88 View Post

there are three bolts which hold the bracket to the bike.

the lower (front) bolt is where i spaced it down 1/4"

by moving the bracket straight down, there is a gap opened between the rear of the bracket and the frame.

this gap can be filled with roughly half the thickness of the lower spacer (because the rear of the bracket is at roughly a 45 degree angle)

the bracket moves straight down (because the front bolt hole will not allow forward or aft movement) but because of the angle of the frame it must be spaced to fill the gap.

hope this clears it up for you

Ahhh.... Now I got ya!.. The whole cast iron thing gets moved down. I was just looking at where the master cylinder appears to bolt to that piece. And yes, I see what you mean about the top bolts and it all makes perfect sense to me now. Denseness over! At least for now...

Originally Posted by hhkiwi View Post
I'm scratching my head here - what am I missing? Why do you want to mess with your rear master right away?

Just install the longer shocks, give the belt some slack and take the bike for a ride. Then look at the outside of the belt for any signs of contact with the bellcrank - there's a good chance you won't find any, in which case there's no point lowering the rear master, right?

My belt is 6+ years old with 6,500 miles on it and my bike has had 15" shocks from new. If there'd been regular contact with the bell crank - or any other part - I'd know by now. But there's nothing, except perhaps a very fine line on the back of the belt from pushing the bike out of the garage with no load on it. But you'll have to look very closely to see it.

Me thinks you worry too much.

Not missing anything. I agree, I'd try it first as is. But, I like to have a contingency plan just in case I'm not comfortable with how close my belt runs to other hard parts. I probably wouldn't "need" it, but it's nice to know that once I spend the cash on a set of shocks, I'm not screwed if my bike exhibits interference issues. Besides, a little extra clearance won't hurt.

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