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Originally Posted by Butters View Post
I'm not trying to imply a DRZ only lasts 20k or that it can't be ridden on longer trips - there are plenty of people that have done just that. I just don't think it is the best bike for it. I think a DR650 would be the better choice
I've read Thumper Talk DRZ forums too ... and I agree with what you're saying. The DRZ is not a fabulous high mileage commuter IMO. My old DRZ-E only did dirt duty, never had a problem. But I can see them wearing if doing 15K a year commuting. Most dirt riders don't put more than 2K to 3K miles a year.

Not sure why the OP seems dead set against the DR650. It's a better dirt bike than the KLR, cheap and easy to work on, faster, lasts well over 50K miles. (with any luck) ... even makes a decent Super Moto. Many DR owners have TWO sets of wheels and do a quick change to go dirt riding.
Originally Posted by Butters View Post
Maybe an older 640 Adventure is in your price range. I don't know much about them, but other than some of them being vibey (hit more miss), I was under the impression the LC4 engine is fairly durable with low maintenance intervals. I could be wrong on that though.
Early LC4 640's had issues. By around 2001 they got better. All have the WORST vibration of any bike I've ever ridden. Good performing bike but can have Gremlins.
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