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Originally Posted by LuciferMutt View Post
Personally, I think it's a stupid idea. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the 250, and it has been successful for three decades.

Now that Kawasaki is facing a valid threat in the 250 class, they do what? Take the easy way out and bump the displacement 50cc. Will it be quicker? Yeah of course, but it will also be more expensive, and most depressingly, NOT A 250 ANYMORE! Why is the answer always bumping the displacement? I fear this is a big clumsy step down a very slippery slope that has already ruined countless other machines (VFR anyone?)

Pretty soon the smallest bike anyone will be able to buy in the US is a 1000...

Everyone complains that the 250 would be perfect if it had "just a little more power" but it's a 250 for cryin' out loud. it's not supposed to be super fast.

You're headed in the right direction but let personal views side-track your thinking...

I bet, no GUARANTEE, someone said the same exact thing on here when they heard of the new KTM 350...

Bumping up displacement will always be the easy way out considering one prolly has already gotten the most out of what ever bore & Stroke = 250 cc's. And as long as the insurance breaks are set in Tennessee anyway at 501cc's, then who cares? All that does is let me ride a "hot" bike like a SMR450 at 250cc insurance premiums?

Not to mention, who's gonna tell or even know, if I BB a KTM 450 into a 510cc machine? Get it?

All this stroker 250 bike does anyway is open the door for aftermarket to step in with a BB kit... Toyota Scion anyone?

But now hold on a minute and don't color me a hater. I'm here in search of a light-bike, one that does not "wake up" at 71 mph and is usually ocompanied by the phrase; "He'll have to catch me first.."

Until then, I'll be draw to crazy number cc bikes like a moth to a flame in order to search out this fast enough, but still "Dayyyyyumm!!!" light bike.

It's like my NX... (Yeah, yeah) 280lbs? Fast enough, what maintenance(?), and cool as shit!

Now compare that to the CRM250 I've been drooling over that''s for sale here locally...

Uhm, yeah... 2 stroke? CHECK! Cheap? CHECK! Street legal and unique? CHECK CHECK CHECK!

Am I ready for twice the Hp, half the torque, gear box fluid changes and HALF the MPG my already trouble-free NX is?

If the CRM was 230lbs? F-YEAH, I'd be all over it!

But at 280lbs..? Just what am I getting myself into with a street legal 6-speed version of the CR250 that hardly ANY parts cross-over to?

The Devil is in the details... (And the one riding a CRM250AR if his local economy changes )

Guys, new bikes are cool and all... But a little bit of research and you'll find (To paraphrase Nuthnfancy's "Philosophy of Use") another bike out there that's used, cheaper and better suited anyway. Words like "used" and "niche" only add character anyway

What does a 35hp Ninja 300 weigh anyway? OUCH!

The same as my 65hp, 345lb Duke 2?

Until a Ninja 300 is lighter, I'll stick with the Duke. Why the hell would I need a payment book to figure that out?
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