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Originally Posted by GSPD750 View Post
I recently imported a '96 Transalp from Germany to Canada which in the end proved to be a fairly simple process. Of course you first have to meet the 15 year rule and also ensure that you have the original title (official documentation paperwork) of the m'cycle from the country it came from. Also a 'bill of sale' in which the following form should work in any province.
That's it. You then pay the man at the Canada Border Services the GST in which they stamp the paper work giving you the clearance to go pick it up and in my case it was Air Canada Cargo. Besides the cost of shipping their was a $59 brokerage fee.
If anyone here is planning a trip to Germany and is serious about importing a motorcycle using the above rule you can PM me as I have contact in Frankfurt who can help you with logistics. The closer the bike is to Frankfurt the better. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast who happens to own an Africa Twin. Again...if your serious...drop me a PM.
That's all very helpful GSPD and I might hit you up for some info. I'm lucky to be right by the port of Barcelona and have found a transport company willing to work with me. The agent I spoke said I could ride the AT to their warehouse and work there to palletize it, and also told me to really enquire with Canada about the legalities because he didn't want me to move the bike for nothing. I have the 2 only official Spanish documents for the bikes: the technical card and the licence to circulate, further to that I have the original receipt from the shop in Barcelona where I bought the bike used in 2006, so itīs looking good.

I will ask inmate Africa_Twin, who works for Honda if he can email me the printout from the Honda intraweb he showed earlier, because I canīt seem to access it myself.

I should end up with one of the cooler bikes in Vancouver and a great backroads explorer!

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