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Originally Posted by Patrick46 View Post
I'm ready to update MY end of this thread...

remember my post #1256???...well, we've now got our starting point...

Look familiar Mr. Fisherman???

I was really looking for a 12 footer...but after driving 5 hours to check this one out, and realizing that it was only 10', and it WAS a pretty decient price...I grabbed it.
(It wouldda been nicer with that extra 2'.....but it just felt right.)
Thanx OregonCoast!!

So once I finish up my hot-rod project this spring...the work begins. Until then, I'm already using it as it is.
I miss that trailer. It is pretty handy. The bar across the front and the l channel along either wall makes securing your loads a breeze and the low load heights is sweet for heavy items. I hope you get plenty of use out of it.
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