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Originally Posted by Thunderhart8 View Post
Love the build and I am subscribed. I do have some questions. I may have overlooked. I see that you have the bike built.. Pretty much... My question is that of the transmission/gearbox. What's up with the cvt? And the learning curb what has not worked we'll. could you add some more pics of the specifics. I am seriously considering a very similar build. Thanks in advance
My bike is not built yet. Though I can see why you may be confused. In this thread the pics and a video alluded too and found on the board I linked too, are of the exact type bike builds as mine will be. Most are of Hiecko's bike out of Germany. Some maybe of Stuarts in Europe. Most use a 6speed Ultima w/3" belt drive. Heicko also built some (but dont think they're shown here) with a CVTech CVT unit from a kubota powered Axaim car. This car is available in Europe but not here.

If you read all the drama (trust; me avoid doing so) you'll know why mine just now finally coming together. As to where does CVT come into play? I chose to go with CVT to keep the bike lighter in part but also to speed up the learning curve of riding so I can hit the trails sooner and enjoy mother nature away from the nearly 700 students I endure weekly. Love what I do but solitude is needed to balance the mayhem. Learning Curve; As a person with a Biomechancis/Motorlearning background and far better understanding of my own physical talents (and lack of) as a near life long gymnast, trust me... Im better off; as well as those around me, without a having a foot shifter to deal with. Not have a "long" history of motorcycling Im not limited by a biased need for a foot shifter. I drive and raced (SCCA) manual shift cars, yet did semi hardcore offroading with an Automatic for cleaner drivablity reasons and that left me thinking for offroading a motorcycle even on open trails....... an auto would be easier just like in my old Jeep TJ. Granted my diesel Unimog was a manual but could just put it in low 2 and go anywhere for days with an occasional shift into third ; maybe 4th, low on the flats.

as to pics. Hope to get build report full of pics but I cant make that happen. Traded a second Tiger to a friend with fabrication experience in rockcrawlers, race cars, motorcycles etc. to build my bike. Can't force him to take pics and we are 1000 miles apart since I moved to find work.

to get a good eye full of diesel bike builds, and ideas about bike builds go to and its forum

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