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Originally Posted by SAPB View Post
Been thinking about this, the fender seems to be useless at keeping mud/water off the front of the engine, and your feet. Just got a copy of RoadRUNNER magazine, and they show a picture of the Husqvarna TR650 Strada (not on their website yet), where the fender is attached to the lower fork protectors, instead of how ours is attached, I think to the lower triple. Our lower fork protector, looks pretty stout, thinking of doctoring something up, need to go out and look to see how it might be done. Years ago, I attached the fender to a fork brace, but that was before upside down forks.
The fender shape/design is a well debated issue. While most of our later bikes are watercooled, allegedly the fender design is still something that often contributes to engine cooling. Just something to be aware of. It can also be argued that a big cake of mud splattered on the engine doesn't do any favors for engine cooling either.
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