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Originally Posted by WERA456 View Post
Hey I looked through these. The roads all look like good ones. What I was really hoping for is more the destinations. I don't seem to have trouble finding the fun roads, but my wife loves to have good places to stop. So any must sees are what I am hoping the locals could help me out on.
For example I was in Oregan last summer and a friend took me to Crater Lake. To me this is a must see and I will be taking my wife back there this summer. I did the TAT last summer and will be trying to find some of the NF roads that lead into Port Orford. They had some awesome views. There was one small paved road through the Rogue River NF that was just amazing to me. No center paint, slower speeds, but curve after curve with great scenery the whole way.
I guess we're not all that scientific about it. You can't swing a dead beaver in this state without running into something spectacular. As was suggested, get yourself a Benchmark Map and just ride.

Northeastern corner, Joseph, the Wallowa Mountains, Hell's Canyon. Must see.
Southeastern corner, Frenchglen, Steens Mountain Loop, the Alvord Desert on the other side of the mountain. Amazing.
Central, Bend, Mt. Bachelor, Cascade Lakes Scenic Loop. Mmmmm.
Northern border, Hood River, the Gorge. Beyond comparison
Coastal. All good, but the farther south the better, IMO
Central/Eastern. John Day, a few different John Day Fossil Beds if you're into that kind of thing
South/Central, Lakeview, Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge, Hart Mountain Hot springs: remote, amazingly quiet, excellent stargazing

Throw a dart and just go.
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