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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
It is theoretically repairable en route ... if you have a needle that can add 12 bar of nitrogen into the reservoir.
That's what I was afraid of, already.
So maybe a less sophisticated shock like an emulsion type might be a better choice for this kind of trips, KISS.

Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
Maybe I should do a shock repair course with Prutser at some stage.
If you do, give us (HotRodErik and me) a shout, never old enough to learn some tricks.

I'm just wondering what a nitrogen charged shock will do if it has lost it's pre-charge and oil and your only option is fix the seal, fill up the oil and leave the nitrogen.
I'll be meeting Erik tonight for drinks and diner, might as well talk technics over a smoke and scotch after dinner while the wives do the washing-up.

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