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Honda trip planner

checking out the Honda trip planner. I really like this, it may take the lead!


Full sized screen! Lots of the trips planners on the web are formatted small so they only use about 1/3 or your screen and the rest is usually ads. This one is full sized with an edit area that can be hidden.

Driect connect with your GPS in and out!

You can save and share routes and there's a search function for trips within a certain area although it appears you have to type in the search area. It can't just be a point on the map but this may be user error. You can add multiple stops along the way although each stop you add automatically becomes the last one and then you have to re-organize them which is a little clunky.

Map, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain google maps!!

It also has quick search icons for gas, food, lodging, sites and Honda dealers, go figure.

I can't easily drag the route line to new roads. You can add stops but like I mentioned it always add the new stop last so that's a pain. You can drag the stop to a new location but then it picks the roads for you. I want to pick the roads.
In the help files it says that you can just drag the route to new roads and it adds waypoints. Perfect that's what I want, but it's not working on my Mac using Safari. I even made sure I have the latest Flash player and still when I try to add a way point, the whole map drags, not the route.

Can someone else please try this out so I know if it's me or the software. Make a route and then try to edit it by dragging on the route like you would in google maps. Does it let you do that and did it create a waypoint like it says it will in the help files?

Overall this one is pretty badass. Basically the best of google and the best of the community style route planning sites. The perk of sharing trips with others and having a routes database is only good if there are other people actually using it and sharing. It seems like the database of trips is slim....I'm pretty sure there's more than the one good route in the Ozarks it recommends. I just noticed it does say "beta" at the top!

One big disadvantage I just realized is that being flash based, the Honda trip planner isn't viewable on my iphone or an iPad.

I'm sticking with google maps.

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