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Originally Posted by TheWorstKind View Post
I guess I had unrealistic hopes for Klinsi to work magic with the US boys. Truth is, he has limited talent to work with. After watching France vs Germany friendly, then watching the taped US game, wow, what a difference. Skill and speed of play was sorely lacking for the US.
It might help if Klinsmann were to settle on a line-up. He has yet to start the same 11 in any match he has managed. I understand he's searching and evaluating, but we're in the World Cup hexagonal and it's time to put away the toys.

The US doesn't have a lot by way of skill. But to me the squad's greatest shortcoming is on defense. For a country which has produced excellent 'keepers, we seem to be incapable of producing great center-backs.

I'm less concerned that there's no American Messi. Soccer is wonderful in that determination and organization can make-up for a lack of natural ability. But you need the right coach to make it happen. And you need good defenders. Right now it looks like the US has neither.

I agree with the concept of a national playing style and a soccer organization that's unified from top to bottom. It's the way forward and it's a good one.

However, in the meantime we have a damn World Cup to qualify for. Mexico just gifted the US two points. Let's not look that gift horse in the mouth.

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