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Originally Posted by Greco View Post
Look what has happened in the past few days. Those countries where wrestling is most popular and that have all the money are now taking up collections to present to the IOC in order to pursuade (grease the palms of) the IOC members - all 15 of them - to allow wrestling back into the Games.

I really hope that FILA and the rest of the wrestling world can bring to light the corruption of the IOC. Wishful thinking, but I hope it happens.
The sad thing is, this is a "reformed" IOC, after the disaster that was Salt Lake City. Reading between the lines, former IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch saved the decathlon and, as you say, wrestling was complacent and failed to buy enough votes.

What are arguably the three most important and rich international sports federations -- the IOC, FIFA and UEFA -- all seem to be hopelessly unaccountable, opaque and corrupt. And no-one's holding them to task.

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