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Question Need input on possible bike purchase, please!!

Firstly, if this is in the wrong location, I apologize ahead of time. Seemed like the best fit...

I had an 07 RR, bought new, owned for 4 years, putting ~36,000 miles on it. Street/track/touring usage. Had to sell it in May 2011, as I had nowhere to reliably store it for 18 months, while I would be on a huge bicycle tour of the whole US. I want the same platform again. Don't like the newer models, and I'm a Honda guy to the bitter end.

Enter: 923 mile old white 2007 600RR I found locally. Seller wants $6,950, and would probably take 6,200. How do I tell if it's a CA model? I looked at it today, and here are my concerns:

Original owner was a woman who owned it briefly, tipped over after stalling it, then sold it to an automotive pawn dealer. Current owner is not a rider, but is super nice, not sleazy, doesn't know a ton about sportbikes, but buys/sells a lot of vehicles. Bike is quite clean, starts up great, sounds good. Mileage is for real.

PROS: It's a virgin motor...I'd be able to baby it, and build it up the way I want to, without worries of how it was maintained or ridden before me. I'm picky. I still have undamaged, gloss white race wheels for this bike. Stands, tools, spare bodywork, extra rotors, a brand new radiator, and other randoms for this bike, also. I solely maintained my previous one for 4 years, and know it very well. I like the current color scheme a lot, and the tires are in great shape.

Concerns: It has been sitting, on and off for about 4 years. To my knowledge, it did not have fuel stabilizer in the tank, oil in the cylinders, or the coolant drained while it has been essentially non-op. It was also not up in stands that whole time. I don't know how I would detect any corrosion caused by any of this, but it worries me.

The damages from her tip over are minimal. Some scratches on the right side "boomerang" mid, and a small scuff on the tail. Bar ends have been replaced, so I'm assuming they were damaged. Forks, bars, triple-tree, all straight.

All the bodywork looks great, but the bike has been ridden on wet roads some. This upsets me, but it's not a deal breaker. Just needs some detailing, and removal of a lot of stuff to clean all the waterspots off, and some minor oxidation on the exposed aluminum pieces, like the rearsets, oilpan, exhaust shield. Some bolts have minor fuzzy corrosion.

What do you all think? It's a pretty good deal considering the LOW mileage, but would sitting for that long, without being prepped for it, have done much damage...? Hoses? Electrical? The fuel tank? Any thoughts you guys have, I'm all ears. This thing is going to sell very soon, so I need to weigh my options here. I have the VIN, if anyone with connections feels like running it, to check it out.

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