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Need to choose one bike.
So for a number of reason I need to thin out my current heard down to only one bike. Now I love my sport bike and I love the dual sport but I really can't have more than one bike until I am done with school. So the plan is now to get rid of all the bikes and replace them with one dual sport and some SM wheels

So I have a few options that are within budget... Number one being keep my KLR and start the farkles. Now I like my KLR, but it is HEAVY and I just don't know if there is enough polish to make it shine like I want to. It's not that the KLR is a bad bike, I just want to go off road, and I don't mean gravel roads. So that means the other option is to ditch the KLR for a lighter bike that is a better base for what I want to do. Within the budget that leaves really one other option, the DRZ 400.

So I guess I am torn on wether or not the DRZ is better enough to go through the hassle of selling the KLR to buy one. My one last concern is durability, can the DRZ go a minimum of 25k miles between rebuilds?
1989 KLR 650

From Jeathrow Bowdean
I answered this earlier with some info on DRZ's for you, so you could find out the info that you wanted. You stated that the KLR is HEAVY, then you wanted to do more off road, and not just gravel roads !!!

I only offer you some opinions of what I felt well owning one of these DRZ which I have today as my off road bike, then I give you the DRZ forum web page so you could find out more info from 100's of dudes who drive them every day.

The best tool for off road "In the opinion of most of us that off road, is a lighter bike." The DRZ 400, DR 650, XR 650 L, KTM 690, and a few more bikes fit into this catagory of "More off road then just gravel roads !!!" compared to the heavier KLR.....So the question is ??? What do you want to do about this !!!

Then you are just about done school as you stated, and you are commuting roughly 15 000k or miles a year, so what bike would best suit you for this kind of operation in the list above !!!

All we can do is offer you information of what might work, and I know it dose not make sence for you to switch from one bike to the next, but don't put the DR 650 in the same class as the KLR 650. These bikes might seem the same, look the same, and both have 2 wheels and single cylinder motors, but they do not handle the same in your "Off road catagory that you are looking at.

I posted all the weights so you can make a more informed decision, and most impotant "of all of this" is that many of the ADV dudes also offered so awesome ideas as well !!!
So the only thing left for you to do from here is to keep what you have, being that you don't think it is worth changing form the "Heavy KLR", or pick something that will do more then "Just gravel Roads as you stated.

Good luck on your quest Kustomizing Kid

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