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Originally Posted by Grainbelt View Post
I don't know which model years comprise the platform of CBR600RR you wish to 'stay in'. That said, I pulled up my local craigslist and '06-'08s are all over the place with ~10k miles for 5-6k.

10k miles on a five year old bike is nothing, but from the language and idiotic mods I saw in a lot of the CL ads, they tend to be owned by squids.

I'd much prefer a bike with 10-15k miles on it with an adult owner, maintenance history, and as few mods as possible, as compared to a bike with very few miles and likely some issues from sitting. I'd be ready with the money and wait for the right one to pop up. They sold a ton of them, you shouldn't have to wait long.

My $0.02
Thank you. This seems to be what most people I've asked are saying. I'm going to try talking him down from 7k, but as a private dealer, I'm sure he's heard too many people's low-ball speeches. The 600RR came out in 03. I've owned an 06, and an 07. I am only interested in the 07-08 generation. There are now 2 more generations after this, including current models. As for mileage...I see 10k as a lot, especially when I don't know how it's been ridden or cared for. My bikes never get wet, and I hate rust/corrosion like nothing else. Most people ride them in the rain and store them outside. I have inquired about probably 30 different bikes, and not a single owner had anything like a comprehensive maintenance history. What you said is true: a lot of squids buy these bikes. I'm prepared to wait a little for something better, but the closer we get to summer, the higher the prices for these bikes go.

I don't mean to sound so OCD about this...It's just how I am. I do appreciate the input though, sincerely. Without such, I'd never be able to make bike purchase decisions, hah, I'd just keep analyzing forever.
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