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Originally Posted by KMC1 View Post
Not sure if any of you guys have seen this, but there's a bill moving in Salt Lake to put Canyonlands under Federal protection.
Originally Posted by dieselcruiserhead View Post
It's just a resolution and has no actual legal impact. A resolution basically means "we all agree on a statement" and that most likely it won't be accepted by the Utah legislature.

I will say that with the appointment of the head of REI to lead the interior department that there is a very strong chance that Canyonlands national monument is a very likely reality. The interests of the national monument is to reduce the amount of OHV trails/roads (goal #1 in importance) and to prevent mineral and oil extraction (goal #2, with potash being the biggest issue right now). She already has bi-partisan support from the oil and outdoors industries. Unless something crazy happens, she is likely to be approved as it currently looks.

We've been going through the greater Canyonlands proposal and it seeks to close 40% of the OHV trails. Let me repeat, 40% of the trails there. Including some incredibly important motorized and OHV routes that are world class and would be real losses. I'm a skier and outdoors person and I'm all for protecting Canyonlands and support some of the activities of the outdoor industry, but it's just too radical.

Anyway, our access in this area is in real trouble.

This is what happens when we elect radicals to represent us and to be the voice of the OHV industry for access: no one listens to them and they have no voice whatsoever.
Originally Posted by Proud Highway View Post
Radical or moderate, those whom we elect (barring the president) have no authority whatsoever on the subject. The problem is that National Monuments are designated by presidential fiat.
On this link is the best rebuttal to the radical enviro-nazi attempt to expand / create the Greater Canyonlands National Monument. The guy who wrote this rebuttal is well acquainted with the area:

My name is Lynn Jackson. I have lived and worked in southeastern Utah since 1964, in Carbon, Wayne and Grand counties. I was a geologist, supervisor and manager for the Bureau of Land Management in Hanksville and Moab for 32 years, retiring in 2010. I now do public land consulting, and in November was elected to the Grand County Council. My Council term does not start until January 2013, and my comments herein are my own, based on my own experience in this area, and are not intended to reflect the position of Grand County.

Now if only the folks in the Utah Legislature - and in Washington DC - would read it!
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