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Changing Sparkplugs on a 950SE

While waiting for my suspension to come back from SuperPlush. I decided to change the sparkplugs, replace the air filter and clean my pre-filter. I read here how it was a PITA to change the front sparkplug.

Changing the front sparkplug on the 950SE is a PITA becasue of the tight space. With my gas tank already off the bike, I found the easiest way to access the front sparkplug and to create some space was to:
  • remove the 3 bolts holding the radiator to the frame
  • disconnect the overflow tank hose from the top of the radiator cap besure the open end of the hose is higher than the tank so coolant won't drain out of the tank
  • place a plastic drain pan underneth the radiator
  • disconnect the bottom radiator hose (rear brake side of bike)
  • let the radiator coolant drain into the drain pan
  • tilt the radiator slightly forward (gives room to access sparkplug)
  • remove the front sparkplug cap
  • to remove the sparkplug you have to use the "KTM sparkplug socket" (standard deep socket is too wide for the sparkplug well)
  • put everything back together and refill the radiator (good excuse to change your coolant) or you could reuse your old coolant
Overall, I found changing the 950SE sparkplugs fairly painless.
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