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A few little things today:

Quick and dirty wheel spacers. The washers are 1/8" thick but it's a pain to get them all in the right place when installing the wheel. The swingarm width is also not an even number of washers, and is too stiff to bend in to the next smallest number. So I welded a stack of washers together and then sanded down the face to get it right. Ugly, but much faster than using the lathe.

Next up was a bracket for the clutch cable. It's attached to a motor mount plate just like the stock cb550 setup, but it's in a slightly different place to deal with the different airbox. It's not done in the picture; there's another support for the plate which is attached near the cable.

My new favorite things. Weld nuts. I bought a box of them from Mcmaster in different sizes. They're awesome. Drill an oversized hole for the bolt you want and then weld them in. They're unplated so there's no prep required, they have a ridge on them so they align right in their hole, and they're much wider than regular nuts so there's plenty of material to dig into with the welder.

These weld nuts are for holding the lid onto the battery box.

Finishing up the battery box lid, I put some screws in the mounting holes to transfer the hole pattern to the lid. Easier than measuring.

Lid (with coils) attached. I also made a bent pipe for the air filter. Far from ideal, but it'll have to do until I modify the airbox inlet.

I also installed the chain. The slack is set by moving the swingarm up so that the front sprocket, pivot, and rear axle are in line. Make sure there is just a little slack there, and it should be looser everywhere else.
In line (roughly). The chain slack was set here.



It's going to need chain rollers and a guide, but even without those the chain slack isn't horrible anywhere.
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