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Originally Posted by scottrnelson View Post
The only thing that seems to work for me is showing humility and true sorrow for having broken the law. Okay, that and appearing to be "older".

I was a lot younger then, and I've since learned. I haven't had a ticket in over a decade now. I have had some close calls though. I got pulled over testing the top speed of a new to me Bonnie/Cargo Hack. I was fully loaded and blasting down an isolated stretch of highway at the end of a 3k mile trip, a mere 20 miles from home. About the time I got it up to 87, I see lights. He asked me how fast the rig would go. I told him "I don't know, only had it two weeks. That's what I was trying to figure out though. What did you clock me at?" He looked at me in disbelief. We ended up having a nice conversation. He took my info, ran my tags, and let me off with a simple "Be safe next time."
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