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jhonny ro
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Liking any bike is a state of mind.

The 2011 CBR250R does what it was designed to do and does it well. A 25hp commuter powerplant in a small cheap sport bike package. Minimalism.

I really wanted another SRX250 for occasional 8/10s but low actual speed blasts around the White Mountains of NH. Also to regain my lost youth misspent during those SRX days.

As it turns out I like a bit more of a hit than the CBR offers. 40 hp is my new minimum. My former GS500F offered that in a dirt cheap used slightly larger small sport bike package. Can't outrun soccer moms but its fun to climb that GS powerband.

A tiny sport bike is just plain uncomfortable to start with, for me, even if it is more comfortable than other tiny sport bikes.

Next blast through nostalgia, looking for a later year XJ600s for that same riding mission. The XJ is a very pretty bike, too.
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