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jhonny ro
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linear is bad in a bike. The CBR is linear.

Linear is good in a car, "...over 85% of maximum torque all the way from 1500 rpm and up to redline!..." with their automatics and cup holders and TVs on the dash.

Linear is bad in a bike. Am conditioned to feel power increase as rpms climb in a cammy motor. Even if I want a decent amount of grunt down low. My former EX250 did this very well, without the grunt. Pulled increasingly from 2,000 to 13,000 in a steady building rush.

OK back to the bike bash- 1973 Guzzi Lemans MKIII. Owned it for two months in 1984. Could not believe how uncomfortable it was. Suspension was stiff to the point of being locked up. Huge torque pull to the right. Clunky tranny. Pretty but let it go immediately. Wish I had it now for a tenth bike. I would park it next to a Wards benelli 175. Wish I had time, money and space for ten bikes.
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