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Originally Posted by Jake Mountain View Post
Just curious how many KTM 690's have reached even 50,000 miles without a ton of engine work. I'm guessing none, in my book that is a lot of money for the power. You pay $11,000 for a bike that needs constant upkeep. I'll keep thrashing my $2000 KLR thanks.

How many KTMs with LC4 engines have you owned ? What's that you say,
you've never owned one ? I guess that makes you an "internet expert" on KTM
LC4 engines

Unlike you, I have actually OWNED three KTMs which had LC4 engines.
They are very reliable bikes when maintained properly, and the maintenance
is not difficult or complex with the exception of the oil change on the 640
Adventure which is a bit involved because some of the oil is carried in
the front frame down tube. But this is hardly the sort of thing that makes a bike
too much hassle to own, and it adds maybe five minutes to the total time required
for the oil change unless you are mechanically incompetent.

KLRs are fine bikes for people who have low standards regarding how a bike performs.
For some people a KLR is the perfect bike. A KLR has its place in the motorcycle world and
as long as it does what you want a bike to do it can be a satisfying bike to own. But a KLR
doesn't come close to a KTM 690 in ANY performance parameter. Your claims
that a KTM LC4 needs "constant upkeep" are misinformation and this can be backed up
by people who actually own and ride a 690/640.


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