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How did the final install go? IIRC the 12 and 20 are a bit taller. I believe Jim originally installed an FH008 on is AT as it is closest to the stock size. I picked up an FH008BA and hope to do a direct plug and play, but it's going to take a little tinkering to get it there.

I thought the FH008 had the same foot print and mounting holes as the 0012/0020 and it's the 0010 and 0011 that are taller? Anyhow, the 0020 that I installed now supercedes the 0012 which has the same dimensions and specs but with some minor changes to the heat sink casting.

The 0020 fit nicely on my RD07A as you can see in the pic. Notice the old white round connector in the middle which is not used now. I blanked off the inside with a plastic plug. Tie wrapped below that is the new Delphi 3 yellow wire connector (no particiular order). The hole you see between green and white connector was where the old 3 yellow wire connector lived. That connector gets tossed and was prone to overheat and high resistance.

To the left and in front of the starter relay you can see the new 30 amp fuse holder and the black and red wire that now go directly to the battery.

In the end their are a total of 5 wires that you need to pinch and solder (3 phase yellow) and the 2 pos/neg wires to the battery. I say "pinch and solder" because that was my method as I did not have a fancy crimper.
Carefully bend the wire tabs over with some small needle nose pliers followed up with a dab of solder. Jim has a link here.
pinching and soldering

This is an easy and worthwhile mod IMO and certainly a preventative one if your running old connectors that could can be prone to high resistance and eventual meltdown. The MOSFET is more effecient and produces less heat at the R/R so that the mounting/cooling is not so much an issue anymore.

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