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Originally Posted by Cannonshot View Post
Betcha thought I mysteriously disappeared after all that.

Digging out the history ahead of time is almost as interesting as the ride.

Let me point out that I felt safe in my travels in this region. I was just riding around looking at things and didn't look for trouble. I had an offer to ride on the Mexican side for a while in the area and I would have but it wasn't in the schedule I had laid out. Some say that if you go over to Ojinaga it is best to leave your bike on the American side. Leaving it on the street in Ojinaga is not recommended or it may be a little lighter when you go to leave. True about a lot of places I guess including some spots here in Wisconsin.

One local I talked to had some very strong concerns about the drug business in Ojinaga. It is sad that so many good people are forced to tolerate organized crime and all that it brings.

Again, the people you meet are generally pretty nice people as is true in most places I think.

One does wonder about some things though. That young fellow with the kayak on top of his car that was trying to run the backroads north away from the river, until I pointed out the road was blocked, may have just been a kayaker that liked to take difficult backroads with his car or may have been up to something else.

Best to be aware, but probably not much need to be afraid in most places.

Regarding BBRSP, it was kind of interesting to be one of only two people staying there at night. Very dark, very quiet, pretty remote. There were a couple of employees living elsewhere at the compound and I think one of them had law enforcement credentials and carried a gun. Keeping the road one way in and out keeps the place more secure I think.

And thanks for the nice comments!
Amazing report Cannonshot - I just got turned on to it by a friend as my work may relocate me closer to the area (thank god!). I've been there 4 times - first time with my 70yo dad riding pillion on my 1150GSA. I've guerrilla camped at Chisos...carried on occasion, yet I've never felt truly scared anywhere in the region (even at the Terlingua Chili Festival!). As long as you respect the land and people, they tend to leave you alone. That may have changed in the last 2yrs (since I was last there), but the place is so desolate, it'd be pretty tough for an inmate to find his way into trouble unless he/she was looking for it.

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