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Some one else mentioned that you will have to give up one thing for another, and this is so true. You need to tell us what kind of budget you are working with so people like us can assist with what you want. We need to know what KLR you have. It would be nice to know what height and weight you are, along with your credit card number.Ha Ha.

You want more then gavel roads. You want 25k miles with out rebuilding. You want 15k riding mile. And you don't see or feel the difference between the DR and KLR that stump the rest of us in this forum ???

The older KLR is like what some else said, it is 407 lbs to 378 lbs = 29 lbs.... And the Newer KLR's is 435 lbs in Canada curb weight. The New DR is 378 lbs in Canada curb weight, so this leads me to belive that the DR is 57 lbs Canada curb weight difference of new to new.

The DRZ is 317 curb in Canada, so the diff from new KLR is 435-317=118 lbs. Old KLR 407-317= 90 lbs.
Dr 378- DRZ 317= 61lbs. WEIGHT WEIGHT and WEIGHT....

Some said that if you are planing 15k miles a year on a DRZ, you should consider the DR for that kind of miles. I totally agree, unless you change the seat and grips crappy foot peggs and fuel tank. I'm and exception to high mile DRZ's, but don't think that I never put some funds in mine so I can do those 700 km or 434 mile days.
Knowing what I know now, I wish I had keeped my DR, but that is to late for should of. 2 more years, then something diffrent !!!
From Jeathrow Bowdean PS: Fill us in on more info so we have a better idea of much more stuff. Don't pussy foot around so that the rest of us waste time over the "Need to choose one bike." AND YOU DID TALK TO THE DUDES ON THE DRZ FORUM DID YOU NOT !!!
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