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Originally Posted by pceire32 View Post
I know the tarmac goes South of Puertecitos now. Can anyone tell me how far South the tarmac goes.
Does the road meet into Route 1 ?
How much of it is dirt ? ...

Would I have any problem taken Route 3 all the way South to meet Route 1?...
The road is beautifully paved to about 2.5 miles north of Bahia San Luis Gonzaga. There is a Pemex station at the intersection to Alfonsina's, with a nice well stocked market inside, and the market to the west has the only selection of American IPA's that I saw in Baja.

That gives you about 30 miles of dirt road to get to Mex 1, passing through Coco's. There's definitely some sand sections--mostly near B. Gonzaga, lots of rocks, some washouts, but it's a major road--passenger cars and even commercial trucks travel on it. I have no idea your comfort level.
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