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Might as well get another thread or two going here besides the Servi-car build. In addition to the servi-car another bike we are building is a 1972 Suzuki GT250.

A direct decendent of the famous Suzuki X6 Hustler. Ours is a bit of an oddity in as it is a 1972 model. According to Suzuki the GT250 was not exported out of Japan to Europe and the US until 1973. That the one we have is indeed a '72 was confirmed by the substanial difference in wheelbase between the '72 JDM model and the '73 & later export model.

The bike we started with was actually a hodgepodge more or less. Had a later '70's front end, a late 60's t250 tank that had about an 1/8th in brushed on paint job.

SO the first step got underway....the fun and fast part, the tear down.

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