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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
That right there is why the USCF made salutes illegal. Do it in a pack and get relegated if I'm not mistaken. I get that the pros get to do it. They spend WAY more time on a bike than any 3 of the rest of us. Speaking of which... 4:01 just now. Here to almost Washington, VA and back. How is it you can do a loop and have a headwind 90% of the time? M
Oh, you were riding with my father-in-law?

(j/k, but every damn ride of 60+ miles that he leads, we seem to follow a headwind. I think he's just rubbing his fitness at 65y.o. into our snot-nosed, whipper-snapper butts. It took 5 years of chasing him, but I've finally earned the right/ability to break the wind for him.)
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